So it begins… Please join us…


26.2 Miles or Bust…

So, we have decided to start, yup, my partner Lisa and myself have taken the big step.  I know you are wondering if I am talking about getting married, no, Lisa’s not my life partner…. yet… but just give us the next 10 months of self torture that we are about to go through and who knows what type of partners we shall be or if we will even still like each other… perhaps, I will drive Lisa crazy enough that she will slowly walk behind me and choke me with her shoestring… not being able to tolerate my overly annoying cheerful pushing personality to get our asses moving and pick up the pace… or perhaps, her long legs and stride will cause me to accidentally trip her just as she is about to maneuver around a mud puddle and instead do a face plant…

could be us

This could be us… please step over us…

Who knows what the  next 10 months will bring, our hope is that will not only bring us closer as friends verses killing each other… but that we also find us as a good team to cross the finish line of the 2015 Portland Marathon…. and maybe find some fitness along and the way and perhaps allow us each to lose some extra baggage along our journey…  like is fat!!!

lets get fit

We can do this!!!

So, please follow our journey to the Portland Marathon and Fitness…. this blog is created to share our quirky personalities… through our unusual shared humor and the ability to poke fun at ourselves along the way…

You are welcome to join us on this journey, either by walking with us or reading our trials and self torture as we increase our miles on our walks…  Enjoy and see you all at the finish line… I hope, maybe, depends on the weather or if she and I can get up early enough for the marathon that day and you know… or haven’t maimed each other too badly…

276 days and counting / 26.2 miles

Robin & Lisa

age limit

Only thing stopping you is you…


12 thoughts on “So it begins… Please join us…

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  2. So lets talk about the plan. I quit smoking and gained 20 lbs and climbing. Could use a little team incentive… Cant imagine walking 26 miles. Are you joking! Are they giving us a week to do it?:). Really, I would like to talk about it. Maybe over a cheeseburger and fries. Oh, and don’t forget the shake….Keegan

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    • Hi Cynder, we are walking Sunday the 4th at 10 am – we are meeting at 70th & Fremont, walking down to 12th and Fremont then back, just over 6 miles, passing 2 starbucks! Rain is predicted for Sunday but temps in the mid 50’s. See you there and anyone else who wants to join us… but to walk, means you become part of the blog. 🙂


  3. OMG I am in awe of the two of you, especially that wine is still in the picture…wish I was closer I’d b joinin you both for defo, but dunno if I’d ever make it past the first Starbucks! GOOD LUCK GURLS!!! Fair play to ya’s! I know you’ll both do it!!!!


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