Kick off day… why why why is it raining???


We are OFF!!! Man Lisa walks fast…

All right!!!  It’s kick off day… First I must ask myself, whose bright idea was this to begin with???  I have plotted and schemed a 5.2 mile walk for our official start of our Journey to the Portland Marathon and the rain gods have decided to join the party… I guess, I must accept that we do live in Portland OR and it is winter time… those of you reading from other states, no it’s not true, we do not have web feet and our city is not always gray…  Though I am sure on many of these walks, we will have to learn to prepare for wet walking…


Well maybe it is a bit mossy here …

Today, my partner in crime Lisa and I are both prepared, well, she is better prepared than myself, she at least was smart enough to wear a water proof jacket, sadly I am not in one and must confess that I could not zip up my water proof jacket no matter how much I sucked in my tummy, nope, it was a non water proof walk in the rain for kick off for me…  thus part of why this marathon is so important to me… However, my partner, confessed to me that her husband was able to talk her out of bringing enough supplies to on a week long camp out in the woods…  However, she managed to sneak a few items in her pockets…  but to my surprise she left her Jane Fonda leg warmers at home…


Our first obstacle… what side of the street to walk on… do I get to log extra miles in crossing back and forth across the street???

I was late because even though I chose the route, I mentally thought I was meeting her some place else and after parking my car and getting out in rain to look for her, I looked at the street I was on and realized I was off by 3 blocks, I see we are off to a good start… I discovered that rain drops land on the inside of my eyeglasses…  Finally, after what seemed like hours, we hit the half way point… and my favorite place ever, however, no Starbucks for me, instead a much needed potty break!!!


Starbucks… please please give me energy…

I have done two full marathons prior, the last one in 2009 so I have a lot of work ahead and I want make sure you understand we are walking this marathon, all 26.2 mile miles of it, with that said, our goal is to complete is 6 & 1/2 hours – today’s walk while, Lisa was convinced would take us over 3 hours, took us just over 85 minutes, not bad for our first walk… Next walk… 6 miles… wish us luck…

Robin & Lisa – Don’t give up…

Total miles walked 5.2 / 275 days and counting


We Can Do This!!!! So Can You!!!

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