Splish Splashing away we went today


Please check out that forecast for our walk!!!

This morning’s walk was definitely a test for us to see if we would really stick with it.  When I got  up this morning, it was 35 degrees but no rain, I thought… I can do this, those weather guesser’s were wrong!  Miss Lisa text me about an hour before we were to walk to let me know she was game!  We were set to meet at 10 and walk and it appeared that it was going to be a dry walk.  This gave me pause to consider not wearing my new waterproof jacket….

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Yikes!!! Apparently on 48th and Fremont blocking drive ways area common thing…

Lisa and I met at Safeway on NE 70th and Fremont – if you have never participated in the half or full Portland marathon, one thing you may not realize is when you start to train for it, while working out on a treadmill is great, is does not compare to actual walking on pavement, as the marathon is through out the city and on pavement, with pot holes, little pebbles, the ground does not have a cushion deck like a treadmill does, so my past training with groups that I have belonged too has always walked outside, rain or  shine, on the pavement throughout the city and local neighborhoods.  click on link


This little Fella wanted some love… I had to pry Lisa away from him…

Today’s was was 6.5 miles, both Lisa and I were bundled up, like we were prepared for a blizzard, Lisa losing a knit glove and instead wore gloves fit for building a snowman on Mount Hood and in her new cool pink rain walking coat, me in my new black just a bit too snug rain coat and both knit hats!  Off we went, 10 mins into our walk close to 60th, the rain started, it was just light little drops, Lisa informed me the heavier rain was due to arrive at 11 – yikes… what is she a walking weather forecaster???  Just as we were within 5 blocks of Starbucks and right before 11 am, the rain started…  By the time we made it to Starbucks, our knit caps, that offered no protection from the rain, were quite wet, my glasses took 5 minutes to defrost once in Starbucks… once defrosted, bladders relieved, we were off to finish the second part of the walk.


I wanna try this place and see if I can get my Mojo going!!! 15th & Fremont

Once we were 20 blocks and back up the hill past Ceaser Chavez Blvd. where I noticed that both Lisa and myself, seem to slow down talking while walking up that hill!!!  Lisa looks down at the ground and finds my glove, I didn’t realize I had dropped along the way, soaked as it was, I stuck it back in my pocked and we proceeded towards the final stretch, while 6.5 miles may not seem like a long distance, to us, it was a mini marathon… We made it back to our cars in just under 2 hours, both our heads wet, yet, we felt a sense of accomplishment, two “older” gals can do anything they set their minds too!  The conversation is great, the sites are fun and I am enjoying having a partner in crime with to take on this feat…


We got the impression some of the local residents do not like new construction…

Once home, my hips let me know I was and am out of shape and Lisa text me a bit later in the afternoon to let me know she took a long nap!!!  Though she is recovering from a cold, I took 2 Aleve and will start plotting the next walk.  click on link…


We wanna be “that” girl!!! COME JOIN US….

If you would like to walk with us, the next walk is 5 miles, our walks over the next 6 weeks will range from 5 to 7 miles… this next walk is scheduled for Thursday night…  I will post the route Tuesday…  Please join us, the more the merrier!!!  click on link…


Life is an adventure with no rules and should be lived…

Lisa and Robin…. Portland Marathon or bust… 

Current miles walked 11.7 / 273 days and counting… click on link…



9 thoughts on “Splish Splashing away we went today

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  2. When are you going next? I didn’t look at my email until just before your walk time and had already made plans to snuggle Akita puppies in Newburg. I chose to snuggle with 7 puppies who were 7 weeks old. Can’t say I’m sad about that choice because they were just so stinkin cute. How many times a week are you training? Is it possible to know more than a couple of hours in advance? I feel like I’m 4 — I have so many questions.


    • Hi there, our next walk is Thursday evening, if you send me your cell number, I will text you the schedule – we will walk 1 time a week in January and February, then move to 2 times a week. See you Thursday.


  3. My new iPhone has this disease where it only shows me the weather in Cupertino no matter what city I’m looking at. It’s real neat. and fun. Except for I know that it isn’t 88 degrees and partly cloudy in the big brown Swiss Alps in December.


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